Shop with Scrip Program and guidelines! Earn cash back for your dancer!


Hello Dance Express Families :)

I would like to get everyone filled in about this exciting new opportunity for families that wish to FUNDRAISE to offset Dance Express special camps, traveling etc. It’s a really slick program that allows you to earn REBATES back at places you’re already shopping at! Cub Foods, Kwik trip, Old Navy, Domino’s pizza to name a few (literally, there are hundreds of places offering discounts). Your dancer makes 100% of the rebates that are offered.

Attached is a PDF with all the important SIGN UP and account info. Please don’t hesitate to ask Mitzi for help! It’s really easy and FUN, once you get the hang of it.

Here are a few details of how the DANCE EXPRESS BOOSTER CLUB will be running the program.

For PHYSICAL CARD ORDERS (reload and scripnow are instant on the website) Orders must be placed anytime before the FIRST SUNDAY (you have until midnight) of each month. The orders will be IN the following Monday and can be picked up at Dance Express during normal business hours. It would be appreciated to pick them up that following week. DXP will not be responsible for cards that are misplaced beyond 1 week.
YOU ORDERS are charged in full to your PRESTO PAY account immediately upon placing that order, in full. The rebates will be applied to your Dance Express Account 1 month AFTER the order has come in. If you would rather have your rebate sent to you in check form, rather than apply it to your account, this can be arranged upon your request. Reminders will be placed on the TEAMAPP about ordering. BE SURE to add yourself to the DANCE EXPRESS BOOSTER CLUB access group on the TEAMAPP and the DANCE EXPRESS BOOSTER CLUB FACEBOOK group so you will receive important reminders and announcements regarding the scrip program.
Please note: If you ever missed the “deadline” and need an ORDER as soon as possible (birthday gifts, a rebate too good to pass up etc…) Contact and you will just pay the $8.50 flat fee shipping rate required with each order :)